With 'all things' for 'all sleepers', Sleep Country Canada is focused on helping more Canadians get their best rest

October 18, 2018

TORONTO, Oct. 18, 2018/CNW/ - Sleep Country Canada Holdings Inc. ("Sleep Country" or the "Company" (TSX: ZZZ)), Canada's leading sleep retailer is tackling Canada's sleep issues one night at a time.

Many Canadians are not getting the sleep they need.  A 2017 Statistics Canada report that examined the sleep of 10,000 Canadians over six years found that 1 in 3 Canadians aren't getting quality sleep or the optimal duration of sleep, almost half of all Canadians don't find their sleep refreshing and 55% of women and 43% of men aged 18-64 have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep.  The study also concluded that Canadians are getting less sleep than they were in 2005.

"Sleep Country recently unveiled a new positioning statement "All for Sleep" which is a reflection of what we offer at Sleep Country, but more importantly our belief in the importance of sleep and our passion for sleep," said Dave Friesema, Chief Executive Officer of Sleep Country Canada.

"At Sleep Country, we've always been committed to helping our customers get better sleep," said Friesema, "but emerging science is telling us sleep is so much more important than Canadians realized. As the only true sleep retailer in the country, we want to help every Canadian get their best possible sleep.  We do this through our highly trained and educated Sleep Experts in each store.  Our Sleep Experts strive to understand each customer's individual sleep needs and sleep style so they can be matched with the right sleep products for their needs. When it comes to sleep, one product doesn't fit all," added Friesema. 

"More and more studies and research are clearly defining how important sleep is in relation to our health and wellbeing," explained sleep advocate and Co-Founder of Sleep Country Christine Magee. "Sleep enhances our ability to learn, memorize and make logical decisions. It rebuilds our immune system to help fight off disease, it recalibrates our emotions, it helps manage appetite & metabolism and reduces anxiety and depression. A regular sleep pattern can even reduce your chances of a stroke or heart attack," said Magee.

"All for Sleep" is also a true reflection of the innovative products that Sleep Country creates and curates.  "People used to think that Sleep Country was just a mattress store, but we have evolved well beyond this as we continue to understand the holistic nature of sleep and how relaxation, the right environment and the right sleep products can all contribute to a restorative sleep," said Stewart Schaefer, Chief Business Development Officer of Sleep Country Canada.

"In the last year alone, we have launched many new innovative products that are designed to provide comfort and support for your whole bedroom," added Schaefer.

Here are a few examples of new products that Sleep Country offers that demonstrate how the sleep retailer has evolved into a total sleep solution provider for the whole family:

  • Weighted Blanket – pressure therapy designed to reduce anxiety and stress
  • Organic Essential Oil Linen Sprays in Lavender, Eucalyptus, Chamomile, Green Tea
  • PUR Silk Pillowcase
  • Eye Mask with removable gel insert
  • Bloom Air, Bloom Mist and Bloom Earth mattresses-in-a-box
  • Hotel Collection sheets
  • Throws in a variety of materials from faux cashmere to faux fur
  • LuxeSilk™ Duvet – temperature regulating and hypoallergenic
  • Dog bed - dogs need great sleep too


"All for Sleep" is being supported by the release of a new TV commercial that dramatizes how a lack of quality sleep can affect us all with a light-hearted, comedic approach.  "We're excited about what the future holds as we continue to develop new products based on the science of sleep and Canadians' needs, exceed the expectations of our customers and stay a step ahead of the changing retail landscape," added Friesema."

About Sleep Country

Sleep Country is Canada's leading sleep retailer and the only specialty mattress and bedding retailer with a national footprint in Canada.  Sleep Country operates under two retail banners: Dormez-vous, the largest retailer of mattresses in Quebec and Sleep Country Canada, the largest mattress retailer in the rest of Canada.  Sleep Country has 262 stores and 16 distribution centres across Canada. All of the Company's stores are corporate-owned, enabling it to develop and maintain a strong culture of customer service, resulting in a consistent and superior in-store and home delivery customer experience.

For more information about the company visit www.sleepcountry.ca, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SleepCountryCanada and on Twitter @SleepCountryCan.

SOURCE Sleep Country Canada Holdings Inc. Investor Relations